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What I have to trade
shield sniff
soleta_nf wrote in ncmall
Great idea for a community! :)

Items I have for trade (a link to my NC album is here):

Under the Tree Background
Nutcracker Music Track
Roaming Wind Up Slorg
Wings of Water
Roothless Thought Bubble
Rain and Flowers Thought Bubble
Evil Coconut Mask
Telescopic Monacle
Neoquest Wizard Slacks
Pointy Claw Slippers
Snowboarder Hat
Snowager Background
New Years Celebration Background (x3)
Mystery Island Holiday Background
Spyder Web Gloves
Wings of Flame

Items I'm looking for:

School Library Background
Spooky Portrait Hall Background
Cozy Cottage Holiday Background
Haunted Graveyard Background
Wizarding Apprentice Robe

I'd also likely be interested in Halloween items I don't have (I have a Harry Potter gallery on a side account) and retired items (especially holiday/snow).

If you see something else in my album you want, I may be open. Some items I don't have much of an attachment to but keep for variety.

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I was wondering if you are still looking for any of these backgrounds? I finally got a couple of boxes. I have a Haunted Graveyard Background that you can have if you still want it. :) Neomail Kitiaragem. :)


Nice gallery. :D

Thank you so much! :)

Would you like anything in return?

Nevermind. I got your neomail. Thank you so much!


Thank you, too!

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