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mmm, it's got that new comm smell
havenstar wrote in ncmall
zomg FIRST POST woot woot! I am sadly addicted to the NC Mall, even though I only just got started. But I know I will be spending waaay too much money on it from here on out. I know I'm not alone in this! Here is a community to prove it :D

So anyway. I just got my first Mystery Capsule. I went for the Faerie Doll one, because I really want the Battle Faerie Doll. But I got Jhudora instead, and am not totally in love with her, so I thought I'd see if I can find someone who'd like to swap.

I've got the Jhudora, and also a Grey Faerie Doll I'm not totally in love with. I'd love to trade for a Battle Faerie Doll or Mechanical Wings, but, y'know, try me :) I'd just like to move 'em out to someone who'll get more use than I will!

Edit: the fantabulous peachiekene made my trading dreams come true :D Here's hoping the rest of this community will be as successful!

and also, WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY yay! Here's hoping it'll be good times and drama-free.

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ugh i've only bought 2 cards..i already spend $8 a month for premium...

my only problem is that i have a baby hissi and an UC darigan aisha, so i can't use the damn clothes on them lol

I've got two $10 cards, I'm trying to resist buying another yet because it's only been like two weeks since I started but IT'S SO FUN. and yeah I've got an UC baby Kougra, though I found her some good stuff anyway. plus I've got a bunch more things on my wishlist... uuugh I don't get paid enough to have this kind of addiction!!

I just wish that buying through paypal gave you gift boxes! I just want to buy more NC *now* but I'm resisting so I can pick up a card and actually be able to trade stuff.

apparently there's a special gift box you can get from the gift mystery capsule, but of course I can't find it now. It was wrapped in gold paper but I'm pretty certain the description said it could be used to send an item, not that it was wrapping for a basic box. I'm like 99.9% sure I did not dream this but I will admit to being kind of a spaz.. but anyway even if I'm not totally making it up, it'd probably be a very random slim chance of getting that from the capsule.

but at least it might be a hint that there'll be more ways for them to be available in the future? I hope so! it doesn't seem like people have been abusing it yet, so.. fingers crossed.

AHA, I say that and then I find the link! here it is.

this one?

I actually have that AND the mechnical wings... and only 2 gift boxes. :D

I'll be happy to take the Jhudora doll. You may have both the Battle Faerie and the Mechanical Wings if you like. :)

Neoname: jelloonsprings.
Give me a comment here (with your neoname) or a neomail to let me know if you're interested.

Edited at 2009-01-05 05:30 am (UTC)

!! yes, that one! omg! thank you so much :D :D I'd LOVE to get both, if you're sure you don't mind! if you'd rather hang onto a gift box, though, I'd be happy to just swap doll for doll. my neoname's sindoll, I'll go send now :D

It's no trouble at all. I don't have any thing in particular I want, but the Jhudora doll will be cute with my Usuki Girl Usul. :)

You are amazing, thank you so so much! now both my Eyrie AND Lupe have a bit of extra cuteness! I'm totally abusing exclamation points but I'm so happy XD ♥!

also wow that looks SUPER freaking cute with your Usul, I'd never noticed how much Jhudora looks like she's got Magic Hair. hee!

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