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Snow White Peek
radiotrash wrote in ncmall
I have a toooon of stuff I don't want because of stupid mystery capsules. I have five boxes so I can trade for five things.

Some stuff I'd Like:
Ostentatious Masquerade Mask
Spyder Web Dress
Spyder Web Gloves
Spyder Web Mask
Autumn Leaf Wings
Flower Wings
Gingerbread Wings

But feel free to offer up anything else too!

Up for trade:
Twinkling Pink Tiara
Green X-Ray Goggles
Terror Mountain Winter Background
Snowager Background
Toy Shelf Background
Inconspicuous Foliage
Snowy Day Cloud
Mystery Island Holiday Background
Father Times Watch
New Years Celebration Background
Brown Corduroy Jacket
Brown Corduroy Trousers
Knotted String Lights
Nutcracker Slacks and Boots
Nutcracker Music Track
Holiday Ornament Earrings
Modern Sculpture Holiday Hat
Snowboarder Sweater


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